Tax Audit & Investigation

Tax Audit is a newly introduced activity of the IRB under the Self-Assessment System. Selection of cases for audit depends on analysis carried out by the IRB and information they may receive.  This is in line with the IRB’s goal  to audit 20% of all taxpayers each year. We can assist you prepare for any possible tax audit and also help you respond to the IRB in the event an audit is carried out on you.   

In addition, we have the expertise to prepare computations and other relevant workings if you are subjected to a full-fledged investigation.

Tax Audit

Identifying areas of weakness that may attract the IRB’s attention

  • Preparing records and documentation to comply with tax laws and requirements to minimise the impact of audit
  • Replying to the IRB’s audit queries and drawing up computations to ensure that the taxpayer’s interests are protected


·        Preparing Capital Statements.

·        Negotiating with tax authorities.

·        Reaching optimum settlement terms.