Knowledge Management


At the end of the program, participants should be able to understand: –

  • KNOWLEDGE 4C, the new concept in knowledge management process
  • The four modes of Knowledge Management Process (KMP)
  • The application of Knowledge 4C in talent management, customer management, financial management and innovation management
  • The integrated Knowledge Management Process


Type of knowledge

  • Explicit knowledge and Tacit Knowledge
  • Data, information, knowledge and wisdom

The Development of knowledge management

  • The meaning of knowledge management
  • The development of knowledge management
  • The development of strategic knowledge management
  • The applications of knowledge management process

Knowledge Management Process

  • Knowledge 4C
  • The four modes of the knowledge management process
  • Knowledge Creation
  • Knowledge Conversion
  • Knowledge Communication
  • Knowledge Change

The applications of knowledge management process in:

  • Knowledge talent management
  • Knowledge customer management
  • Knowledge financial management
  • Knowledge innovation management

Knowledge talent management

  • “Talent-Leadership Process”
  • Talent acquisition
  • Talent development
  • Talent retention
  • Talent succession

Knowledge customer management

  • “Customer-Dealership Process”
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer development
  • Customer retention
  • Customer re-engagement

Knowledge financial management

  • “Financial-Entrepreneur Process”
  • Financial acquisition
  • Financial application
  • Financial communication
  • Financial change

Knowledge innovation management

  • “Innovation-Entrepreneurship Process”
  • Innovation creation
  • Innovation commercialisation
  • Innovation communication
  • Innovation change

Organizational performance

  • Financial measurement
  • Balanced scorecard

An integrated knowledge management process

  • KM input
  • KM process
  • KM output