Corporate Innovation


  • How to foster creativity and design thinking in the initial idea generation phase
  • How organizations can utilize idea management tools to select the most feasible ideas for development, including how to manage and commercialize those ideas as intellectual property;
  • How an evidence-based approach to innovation management can be utilized to improve the decision-making process; and
  • How to build innovation into the strategy, capabilities and culture of an organization


By participating in the course, you will be able to:

  • Design and implement an innovation strategy in your organization that delivers results
  • Identify and select the most promising ideas to fund
  • Select and manage your innovation team
  • Address cultural resistance in making a company more innovative
  • Start the path to creating a new pipeline of innovative products and services to grow your company


  • What is Innovation
  • Business Model Analysis & Design
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Design Thinking: From Insights to Viability
  • Designing Organisations for Creativity & Innovation
  • Getting (more of) What You Want
  • The Innovation Playbook
  • Leading Effective Teams
  • Mobilising for Effective Change”